Stream of Conciousness: Etudes Volume No. 1

Discover “Stream of Consciousness” – The ultimate jazz etudes book for saxophonists. Improve your improvisation skills with these melodic and challenging exercises.



After 25 plus years of teaching jazz improvisation and saxophone, I’m finally releasing my first book of jazz etudes.  All of the etudes in this book are based on standard tunes/chord progressions.  The book is called “Stream of Consciousness” because that sums up the approach demonstrated in these studies.  Most of the etudes were written without an instrument in hand, using my ear to guide me to create the lines.  Also many of the etudes target melody tones and/or contain melodic quotes, as I believe improvisation should be an extension of the song one is playing, essentially a theme and variations approach.  There are a few etudes that incorporate different techniques, which are explained in the book.  All of the etudes are written with tenor or soprano saxophone in mind, transposed, however they are suitable to be played on any saxophone or instrument.  Also, they vary in difficulty from intermediate to advanced level.  A few of the etudes cover a wider range and demand control of the altissimo register.  No articulations are included, allowing the performer to find the best way to express the lines contained within.

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